Ask Yourself

ASK Yourself is a non-governmental organization created in 2015 by a group of young peoplewho wanted to promote Erasmus + opportunities and non-formal education.


We are stronger toghether

The values ​​of the association are equality, education, interculturality, inclusion, sustainability, and civic involvement. Through our activities, we want to encourage young people to try new learning opportunities, discover themselves, improve their skills, and get involved in the development of the society they live in


Trainees feedback

Some of the thoughts from the people that participated in our projects

Rebecca Ortiz
Bianca Valentina

ASK Yourself gave me the chance to attend the best projects of my Erasmus+ experience:one training course in Romania and one youth exchange in Spain. Out of all the 8 projects I have attended so far, I can undoubtedly say that these 2 were my favorites as the combined both fun activities and learning experiences. I totally recommend them for their professionalism and, as a trainer, look up to them!

Michael Berillo
Milosz Baldyga

I have quite big experience in Erasmus+ and Youth in Action projects, and I have to say the trainings and exchanges organised by ASK Yourself were one of the best projects I’ve ever participated in. Professional, well-prepared, and extremely useful. All in all – unforgettable experiences. Mulțumesc!

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