Erasmus+ opportunities and non-formal education


ASK Yourself is a non-governmental organization created in 2015 by a group of young people who wanted to promote Erasmus + opportunities and non-formal education. The values ​​of the association are equality, education, interculturality, inclusion, sustainability, and civic involvement. Through our activities, we want to encourage young people to try new learning opportunities, discover themselves, improve their skills, and get involved in the development of the society they live in. Our youth workers provide support in implementing the ideas of young volunteers.

We believe that Erasmus + is a chance to discover yourself while discovering other cultures. Erasmus is an opportunity to develop, to learn new things to use to improve the community in which you live. This is the main reason we organized projects and were involved in many partnerships.

So far, we organized 15 projects and have been partners in 50 projects across Europe.
We like to get involved in both youth projects and youth workers mobilities.

Our projects for youth workers always respond to needs identified within the association or in the community in which we operate. We have focused on improving youth activities and we have implemented projects on how to be a good trainer, how to have an inclusive attitude, or how to improve communication with young people.

Our projects for young people are always starting from the needs and desires of the youth we work with. They are the ones proposing ideas and our youth workers are helping them to write it and implementing them. We had youth exchanges about dancing, cultures, healthy lifestyle, inclusion, community involvement, volunteering.

Many times after we implement a project, we encourage the youth or the youth workers involved to write their own projects. We always have mentorship periods of 3 months after each project, so we really help participants to understand the needs of their community and their organization and to write projects. This is way we are often involved in projects that are taking place in other countries. We have an important role as a partner, from writing to implementing the project. Many times our youth workers and trainers or facilitators in this projects. Therefore, for us, many of the partner projects are an important growing opportunity for our youth workers.
We always focus on a stable partnership, and each project has brought us new reliable partners or improved our relationship with old partners.

Until now, we mainly worked with KA1. We also had a very successful KA2 project in 2016-2018. Together with psychologist from Iceland and Romania, youth workers from Sp and Portugal, we developed a non-formal education manual about mental health (dedicated to youth 14-18). The methods were created and tested by our consortium, and we base many of our methods on this partnership. That was the period when we established a very strong partnership with the local high schools from Bucharest. We will continue to use the methods in our activities with youth.

Our local activities focus on bringing non-formal education into the formal environment. During the years we have held workshops in over 20 high schools (Bucharest, Busteni, Sighișoara), talked to hundreds of students, and encouraged teachers to use non-formal education in classes. We also collaborate with 3 Universities in Bucharest. We held coaching classes for students, worked on topics such as bullying, integration, career, communication, mental health, expressing emotions, and much more.

In Bucharest, we mainly implement weekly activities in our partner high schools: Ion Creanga, Al.I. Cuza and Nichita Stanescu. Due to covid we moved many of our activities online, but each time when it is possible, we meet at the high school or in libraries. Our youth workers are implementing activities after hours or during “clasele de dirigentie”. Our main subject in the last year were mental health, inclusion, and sustainability. We also hold workshops on soft skills and life-skills. Our youth workers always adapt to the needs of the youth (we permanently ask for feed-back from their side).
We have a strong partnership with Bibloteca Metropolitana where we invite the youth and we promote E+.

Rizescu Oana (32) started volunteering at the age of 16. Since then, she has volunteered in more than 5 NGOs and worked with young people and youth workers of all ages and backgrounds. As a trainer, in the last 5 years, she has trained over 700 people (young people and youth workers) from 15 countries. She managed more than 20 projects and she also worked as a manager for JCI(a USA organization with over 150.000 members).

Rizescu Oana


Alexandru Arhire is 38 years old and became a trainer 12 years ago in an insurance company. After 6 years, he realized that this activity does not fulfill his desire to help society. He quit his job and was the funding member of ASK Yourself- he wanted to work with high school students to improve their life skills. The topics he addressed are topics that young people do not normally learn in school: how to communicate assertively, how to have a healthy body, learning about aggression, discrimination, personal development, how to get a job, etc. He has held sessions in more than 5 high schools, involving over 1,000 young people over the years.

Alexandru Arhire

Secretary General

Kinga Antal (24 years old) started working on projects at the age of 20 and has since joined the ASK Yourself team. She is very eager to learn to write and implement projects to help young people. She finished a Master of Human Resources, and employability and she always helps with interviews and questioners. She attracted new international partners and helped us maintain our relationship with the old ones. She wants to learn as much as possible about E + and prove that regardless of age, you can produce an impact in the community.’

Kinga Antal

Communication Manager

Liviu Suciu has been involved in volunteer activities for over 10 years. He has experience in management, working for big companie.. He has always implemented projects to help young people in disadvantaged communities. We really like his commitment and his ability to organize the logistics and budgeting.

Liviu Suciu

Logistic Manager

Alexandra Cristian has worked with big companies on website development and graphic design. She is all the time helping us stand out from the crowd.

Alexandra Cristian


Bogdan Elek is our tehnology guru. He is an expert when it comes to websites, facebook pages and all related to tehnology.

Bogdan Elek

Andrada Pascu is our legal adviser. She has her own low firm, and she is always here for us, whenever we need help or an advice.

Andrada Pascu

Bianca Cristea is helping us with international projects. She is very good at keeping a good communication with our partners and making sure that the learning is a priority in every project.

Bianca Cristea

Youth Workers Coordinator Social Center

Mirel Popa has worked with big NGOs such as Save the Children, he is the one brining fresh ideas and coordinating volunteers.

Mirel Popa

Dissemination Responsable

Lucia Zamfir is a schoolteacher, and she is responsible of the high school activities. The young people love her and she always help them grow.

Lucia Zamfir

Youth Workers Coordinator

High Schools