Local Projects

Our local activities focus on bringing non-formal education into the formal environment. During the years we have held workshops in over 20 high schools (Bucharest, Busteni, Sighișoara), talked to hundreds of students, and encouraged teachers to use non-formal education in classes. We also collaborate with 3 Universities in Bucharest. We held coaching classes for students, worked on topics such as bullying, integration, career, communication, mental health, expressing emotions, and much more.

In Bucharest, we mainly implement activities in our partner high schools: Ion Creanga, Al.I. Cuza and Nichita Stanescu. Due to covid we moved many of our activities online, but each time when it is possible, we meet at the high school or in libraries. Our youth workers are implementing activities after hours or during “clasele de dirigentie”. Our main subjects in the last year were mental health, inclusion, and sustainability. We also hold workshops on soft skills and life-skills. Our youth workers always adapt to the needs of the youth (we permanently ask for feed-back from their side).

We also work with teachers, we try to understand their needs and to help them bring Non-formal education in their classes. We hold seminars about mental health, non-formal education and we talk about innovative ways to engage the youth. We always promote our publications to the teachers and we show them how they can adapt the methods to their class. We encourage teachers to go to mobilities and we always promote Erasmus+

We have a strong partnership with Bibloteca Metropolitana where we invite the youth and we promote E+.