Say it out loud – Youth Exchange

Say it out loud


The project ”Say it out loud” arose as a result of the partners’ awareness for the need of young people to see the importance of public speaking skills, and to express themselves freely.

This youth Exchange took place from 3rd to 12th of March 2017, period in which our participants were able to practice public speaking and develop their skills from a personal and professional standpoint.

The project was implemented with 24 participants, 6 of each of the countries involved – Portugal, Poland, Georgia and Romania and had as main objective to develop the skills of young people to speak in public, helping them to express themselves freely and to increase their confidence self.

By participating  in this project, our participants:

Ob1. Improved their knowledge regarding the importance of public speaking, the types of communication (verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal) and they are now aware about the differences and similarities regarding the way that people communicate.

Ob2. They became more confident when speaking in public, more self-confident, they developed an inclusive attitude towards people with fewer opportunities and they improved their ability to listen to each other and understand the opinions of the others.

OB3. Developed their public speaking skills and will be able to use non-verbal communication, they will learn how to communicate assertively with the people around.


All activities that were implemented helped our participants to achieve these goals. They were planned to answer the needs and wishes of young people. The project proposed non-formal methods such as energizers, name games, teambuilding, role play aimed at creating a team atmosphere in which learning took place easily. Next we had workshops dedicated to different types of communication, and resources and tips on public speaking. The visits to the highschool and city center gave participants the opportunity to practice public speaking, to gain more confidence in themselves, and promote the opportunities offered by Erasmus + and other young people.