Youth exchange “Path to volunteering” 4-13 September

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”Path to volunteering” is a youth exchange project financed by the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme, which will take place between 4 and 14 of September 2015, in the village of 2 Mai, on the Black Sea seashore.

The project will be implemented with 30 young people and it’s main focus is to encourage young people to get more involved in the development of their community by performing voluntary activities that match their desires and development needs. In order to succeed we aim for the following objectives:

  1. Develop knowledge regarding different types of volunteering (working with kids, environmental, healthy life), assertive communication, motivation theories and the ways voluntary work can develop our lives and our future careers.
  2. Develop skills concerning working with children, communicating with people of different ages, they will learn how to tackle sensitive subjects such as drugs, implement non-formal methods and activities that can produce an impact in their communities.
  3. After participating in this project, the 30 participants will improve their attitudes towards voluntary work, they will be more motivated to make a change in their community. They will be also more aware of the benefits of voluntary work and will be motivated to make decisions for their own personal development.

In order to achieve our objectives we put together a program filled with non-formal methods, indoor, outdoor, involving the community that will create the best environment possible for our participants.

The project is going to take place over a 4 months period with a main activity of 10 days in the 2 Mai area, which will give our participants plenty of time to develop their volunteering competences and to experiment different types in which it can be practiced.

Speaking of main activities, during the 10 days in 2 Mai, our participants will have the chance to experiment different types of volunteering, by learning about it in our indoor sessions and by practicing what they’ve learned in the outdoor sessions. They will involve the community directly and experience a real feel for the different types of volunteering they will be involved in. While doing this they will also develop or improve on key competences such as their English, their communicating and social skills, their intercultural experience that will eventually lead to a higher self-esteem and motivation level that in turn will help them get more involved in their communities.

The dissemination and visibility tools will help the visibility of Erasmus+ and of the volunteering field. Our online tools will help people understand more about these subjects and our dissemination actions will act as multipliers for the project’s impact and utility in the different communities of our participants. As a result we expect an increase in the young people’s interest in participating in Erasmus+ projects but also an increase in their interest in the field of volunteering.