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Training Course “Manage your team – Increase your impact”

1. General information   Number of participants from each country: 4 (gender balance is preferable) Age of the participants: 18+ Working language: English   Partner Countries: Romania, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria 2. About the project   After conducting several projects in the youth work field, we realized that a big number of youth workers…
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Dance and sing your culture

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  1. About the project

Nr of participants: 7+1 group leader (gender balance is preferable)

Age of the participants: 18-30 years old (preferable 18-25), no age limit for the group leader

Partner Countries: Italy, Turkey, Romania


"Dance and sing your Culture" project is a youth exchange that was born as a result of awareness of the partners of the need for young people to understand the culture and traditions of their countries and other countries and to express themselves freely. The answer to this need involves on the one hand awareness of the cultural dimension and secondly the acquisition of skills in some of the oldest and most beautiful forms of human expression: storytelling, music and dance.

The project will run from October to December 2015, will have a total of 24 participants (three group leaders) bringing together three cultures represented by: Ask Yourself organization in Romania, Passepartout Informal Group in Italy and Belen Public Education Center in Turkey.

Starting with causes identified in the tree problems, the following objectives were set:

  1. Participants will gain knowledge about the culture and traditions of Italy, Romania and Turkey, learn about dance and music, 3 cultures writers, discrimination and its negative effects.
  2. Participants will develop the following skills: dancing, guitar playing, working in teams, storytelling and speaking freely with people from other cultures.
  3. At the end of activities in Busteni, the 24 participants will organize a music, dance and poetry event where a minimum of 40 people will attend.

Profile of participants includes people with difficulties such as: geographic, economic, social.

The project is full with non formal methods (Energizers, name games, teambuilding, role play) meant to create a team atmosphere in which learning can take place easily. Next we have workshops dedicated to music and dance that will develop knowledge and skills and also cultural awareness

The project will culminate with the final representation that will give participants some unforgettable memories, while in meantime the skills acquired will open the way to new passions.

The activities will impact participants, developing their socio-cultural competence, self-confidence, teamwork ability, skills in terms of dance, music, storytelling and how these can be used as tools in their own development process.

Long-term we expect participants to be more open to participation in international projects, to be more connected to their culture, more open to other cultures and at least 30% of them continue to express themselves through music, dance and storytelling.

Within the frame of ‘recognition of non-formal learning’, participants will receive a

“Youthpass” Certificate after the course upon their request. Youthpass is an official recognized tool in order to validate non-formal learning aspects gained during the training. It is important that, before coming to the training course, participants reflect upon what competences they aim to develop by taking the initiative to participate to our training course. For further information, just follow the link:

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