Application form “Sunflower Power”- Youth Exchange

Venue: Vrginmost, Croatia

Dates: 27th April - 6th May (including arrival and departure days)

Participating countries: Croatia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey

Number of participants: 5 (4 + 1 group leader)


The main aim of this project is to raise awareness on the importance of daily recycling, increasing environmentally conscious actions and promoting a sustainable way of living. To fulfill this purpose we will focus on reaching the following objectives:

1) Creating stimulating and inspirational space for intercultural learning and knowledge sharing for 25 participants from 5 countries.

2) Promoting lifelong learning among 25 participants, with special emphasis on discovering and strenghtening their competences.

3) Creating tolerance and collaboration as part of developing cultural awareness.

4) Developing entrepreneurial skills, creativity and sense of initiative through good practice and non-formal methods of education.

5) Raising awareness of environmental issues and importance of recycling in everyday life.

6) Developing a positive attitude of taking responsibility for one's own learning process and one's own impact in the nature.

7) Informing participants about opportunities and to take initiative in developing new projects under the Erasmus+ programme.

City of origin

Phone number

1. Why do you want to take part in this project?

2. Have you ever participated in an international project?
If yes, how many? Please shortly describe them.

3. Have you ever been involved in any ecology activities? Please shortly describe them.

4. Have you ever done voluntary work? Would you like to do?

5. Let us know you better. What are your interests and hobbies?

6. Do you have any special needs? – (no/yes, please shortly describe it)

7. Food preferences (vegetarian, vegan, etc)

Emergency contact person (name and phone number)

English level (poor, medium, good, excellent)


Check out the YE-Sunflower-Power-infopack