Application Form “My Land Is Your Land” – Youth Exchange – Serra San Bruno, Italy, 21th – 29th Of October

Country of origin



ENGLISH LEVEL (poor, medium, good, excellent, etc.)

FOOD PREFERENCES (vegetarian, vegan, etc.)

1. What is your motivation to participate in this project?

2. Regarding the topic of this project, why do you think this youth exchange is suitable for you?

3. Tell us more about your hobbies. Do you like dancing? Do you play any instruments? If yes, which one?

4. Have you ever participate in an international project. If yes, how many? Please shortly describe them.

5. How do you plan to use what you will learn in this project?

6. What else would you like to tell us, this is your chance. (optional)


Infopack here: info_pack_mylandisyourland-1