About Us

Who We Are

ASK Yourself is a non-profit organization that has as a main purpose organizing projects and activities aimed at personal and professional development of young people and youth workers, encouraging volunteering and cultural diversity with the help of non-formal and formal education methods.

In order to achieve our main purpose we rely on actions such as:

  1. Writing, implementation and promotion of national and international projects for youth and youth workers, which have as main purpose the development of personal and professional attitudes, skills and knowledge;
  2. Carrying out projects and activities based on non-formal, formal and informal education principles and methods;
  3. Organizing campaigns to promote voluntary work;
  4. Implementation of projects and activities that promote Romanian culture, awareness, knowledge and acceptance of other cultures, tolerance and awareness about differences and similarities, eliminating prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination;
  5. Coaching, mentoring and training - for youth and for adults.

We try to do projects with young people, for young people. For us, the main focus is the person and not the activity: we consider that the actions that we implement are just a way to improve ourselves, to become better persons and by being better persons to help create a better society. This way we work a lot with young students, the only people who can help us create a better society for the future. We encourage them to write youth exchanges according to their interest and this way we have a diversity of projects from professional development to cultural awareness.







We Believe In

  • Young people
  • Interculturality
  • Volunteering
  • Taking initiative
  • Equality
  • Creativity